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ARKEL products is an extremely experienced Chicago Aluminum Awnings, Chicago canvas awnings, and Canopies contractor. We manufacture and install quality canvas awnings and canopies in Chicago at a reasonable price. We specialize in canvas and aluminum awnings for your Chicago home and business. We take pride in our reputation of building and installing canvas and aluminum awnings, canopies, patio covers, and carports of the best quality in Chicago and Chicago suburbs.

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    Arkel Chicago Awnings And Canopies Serve Chicago home & business owners since 1997

    Awnings / Canopies Chicago

    Enhance your outdoor space in Chicago and its suburbs with our high-quality prefabricated awning sheets. These durable and weather-resistant sheets provide stable protection against the harsh winter snowfall and strong winds, ensuring peace of mind throughout the year. For a modern and contemporary look, consider our horizontal folding awnings. Their sleek design and convenient folding mechanism offer a perfect balance of aesthetics and practicality. If you're looking for a comfortable outdoor retreat, our aluminum patio covers are an excellent choice. These covers not only provide shade but also reduce energy costs by minimizing the need for excessive air conditioning. Extend your outdoor enjoyment and create a cozy space under the shelter of our patio covers. Our extensive range of products, including canopies, caters to the diverse needs of our customers in Chicago. Count on Arkel for top-quality prefabricated awning sheets, professional awning installation, and unmatched customer service.

    Commercial Awning

    Awnings For House

    Made from prefabricated and pre-painted aluminum

    Used for :

    • exterior doors
    • windows
    • corporate and business entrances, docks, windows
    • patio covers

    Awnings Near Me

    Looking for professional awning installers near you? Look no further. Our team of skilled awning installers is dedicated to delivering exceptional service and ensuring your complete satisfaction. Whether you’re in need of house awnings or commercial awnings, we have a wide range of options to suit your specific needs. We understand the importance of proximity and convenience, and our team is ready to assist you with prompt and efficient service. Whether you’re in Chicago or the surrounding areas, our expert awning installers are just a call away. Choose Arkel for all your home awning and commercial awning needs.

    Home Awnings

    Our house awnings offer a perfect combination of style, functionality, and energy efficiency, giving your home a standout presence while providing essential protection from the sun and rain. With an array of captivating designs and shapes to choose from, you can find the ideal awning that complements your home’s unique architectural traits and personal taste.

    Whether you prefer a modern, sleek aesthetic or a timeless, classic look, our house awnings are designed to add an eye-catching touch to your home’s exterior!

    Commercial Awning

    Designed to combine style, functionality, and energy efficiency, our commercial awnings provide your establishment with a standout presence while offering essential protection from the elements. Choose from a captivating selection of designs and shapes, allowing you to find the perfect awning that complements your business’s architectural characteristics and aligns with your brand identity.

    Canvas Awnings

    Differentiate your business and make a lasting impression by showcasing your sign or marketing information on a canvas awning. This cost-effective solution not only offers energy savings but also provides essential protection from the sun and rain, both indoors and outdoors. With a wide variety of canvases and shapes to choose from, you can select the perfect option that complements the style and architectural features of your home or business.

    Personalize your awning with Arkel Chicago Canvas Awnings by imprinting any sign or logo onto the fabric, making it truly distinctive. With years of expertise in fabricating and installing canvas awnings, we have honed our skills to perfection. Collaborating with designers and printing companies, we create unique styles and colors for our canvas awnings. Rest assured, our canvas awnings are crafted using premium materials, ensuring exceptional quality that satisfies even the most discerning customers.

    Our canvas awnings consist of an imprinted canvas and awning metal skeleton. We provide awning takedown and hangings, not to mention exceptional fabric repairs!

    Awnings Contractor in Chicago: Awnings and Canopies Chicago

    We own an awning fabrication shop in Chicago, and have been installing awnings and canopies in Chicago since 2011 with extremely good ratings for our awning installation services in Chicago. Check out our reviews! We are very time efficient with our awnings installation Рafter our initial contact, our team will schedule a convenient time to visit your location and take precise measurements for your awning.

    We manufacture awnings and canopies- whatever you need, we are here for you. Welcome to the Chicago awning dreamland where awnings and canopies are manufactured and installed at extremely competitive prices.

    Door awnings

    Investing in a protective door canopy is a wise decision for both businesses and homes. With a door canopy, your entrance receives reliable protection from rain and snow, ensuring that your customers and guests can enter your premises without being affected by inclement weather. By providing a dry and clean entryway, you create a positive first impression and improve customer satisfaction. Protect your entrance, enhance safety, and elevate the overall experience of visitors with a quick awning installaton.

    Air Conditioning and Heating Cost Reduction

    Everyone knows how much it costs to keep your house cool during the summer in Chicago. Did you know that window awnings can bring the temperature down by as much as 20 degrees? Awning installation also reduces drafts and the need of heating during winter!

    Patio Covers and Car Ports

    Out patio covers are built from heavy duty structural roofs providing appropriate strength for the heaviest snowfall or winds. Our pre-fabricated roofs come in a great variety of sizes and styles to suite your needs. They provide protection from the sun and severe Chicago weather, so you can enjoy the outdoors as well as protect your car from adverse weather conditions.

    Arkel Chicago Awnings And Canopies
    for over 20 years delivering premium products, installation and excellent customer service.

    Notes on Manufacturing and Installation Quality of Our Awnings and Canopies

    We manufacture our awnings and canopies in our factory located in Chicago, IL, we are proud of our quality standards. We manufacture awnings and canopies perfectly. Our awning installers team consists of very skilled professionals with multi-year experience in awning installation as well as canopy installation.

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